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4 Reviews for “Tribal Images Guam”
  1. August 3rd, 2011
    Inked Says:

    I have started my project of having a tattoo in every place I visit. I got my tattoo here when I visited Guam. It’s a small place, so I had second thoughts, but the artist who greeted me was really friendly and nice. He did what I asked for and I was satisfied.

  2. June 11th, 2011
    Tattooed Says:

    Can anyone give me an idea about their prices?

  3. June 7th, 2011
    Bustard996 Says:

    Tribal Images ROCKS!

  4. May 4th, 2011
    HardHeaded Says:

    This place is small and simple. You would’t expect that they have real good artist here! I had one of my tattoos done here and it was my favorite.

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