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24 hour TAXI SERVICE Advance reservations available and preferred. Transportation provided to and from airport, clubs, hotels, shopping malls ETC., MILITARY Base Access. FULLY Licensed and Insured. Our Commitment to taking pro-active steps to make a difference in Guam’s Taxi Industry. Please call Dispatch @ (671) 858-TAXI for pick up or to make reservation. “A Veteran owned Business”

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3 Reviews for “J. Ulatan Taxi Service Guam”
  1. October 4th, 2012
    ARod Says:

    Tried calling this number @ 1645 hrs on Friday afternoon and I get this call can not be completed. I see there has been no review of this business in over a year, are they still in business? If so there phone number is not working properly.

  2. March 3rd, 2011
    Bryan Says:

    ADMIN NOTE: This review has been flagged as being possibly fictitious.

    I am in the Airforce and have been on Guam for almost a Year now and was using SAMM shuttle to go out to town since taxi’s on Guam are just too expensive but one night we were stranded in tumon and SAMM shuttle wanted us to wait 2 hours to get picked up i decided to flag down a cab and got lucky it was Jay of Ulatan Taxi and he had access to enter AAFB and let me tell you this “it is cheaper than SAMM Shuttle!” and most definitely cheaper than any Taxi on Guam and since then we have been using Ulatan Taxi everytime no more long waits, no more expensive per person charges and no more worrying if you’ll get a ride or not. call Jay you wont regret it. Jay is Awesome! Ulatan Taxi is hands down the Best Taxi Service in Guam!.

  3. April 30th, 2010
    Dustin Says:

    I called this taxi company for service this past week and i expected to get ripped off again but boy was i pleasently surprised, The Owner is a Military Veteran and a Very Honest person. I Highly recommend this Company specially to Military Personnel, I have been stationed on Guam for over a year now and have taken many Cab rides to NAVACTS and always got charged an arm and a leg by every single taxi every time except for this Taxi Company “Honest” thats the word.

J. Ulatan Taxi Service Guam Phone Number:

(671) 858-TAXI (office)

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