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2 Reviews for “Guam Cool-Air Guam”
  1. December 29th, 2016
    R Says:

    Brought car in to Guam Cool Air to fix A/C problem. Air was fixed, however, immediately upon driving away, a loud rattle was heard. Brought it back right away, and after looking at it for a couple of hours they couldn’t figure out what or where the rattle was coming from. Oh, and this was after they had already charged me $400.00.
    Brought it to my regular mechanic and he found the problem in a couple of minutes, and fixed it within 15 minutes.
    He said that the people at Cool Air had left off a couple of brackets and bushings so that the A/C tubing was vibrating against the frame of the car.
    Stay away from Guam Cool Air. They suck.

  2. May 10th, 2011
    Natasha Says:

    Good job at a good price. I am now a loyal customer to Guam Cool-Air!

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