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3 Reviews for “Guam Automotive Clinic Guam”
  1. April 18th, 2011
    siovahn Says:

    I made an appointment with this company a week in advance to have my car tinted. During my phone call they asked what kind of car, kind of tint, and gave me an estimate. I took off work and showed up only to find out that they didn’t have enough tint in stock to do my car. Not quite sure how that happened since they knew I was coming and pretty confused as to why I didn’t get a phone call prior to taking off work and wasting my time. They said they would have more in stock in about a week and they would give me a call. Luckily I went to Pat’s that day and got it done because they NEVER CALLED!! Needless to say I won’t be going back here anytime soon for anything.

  2. October 19th, 2010
    Jaron Says:

    I recently needed an oil change. I heard about G.A.C. and was willing to try them based off a friend’s referal. I was so happy with the service I received. Not only did they change my oil fast, but the price was more than reasonable, and they outsourced the best place to buy my filter.

    The whole team there was great and knowledgable. Walter thanks for the great customer service, and to Al (co-owner) for the fast service.

    0-50w – works great! My car is running smooth thanks to your synthetic race oil. =D

    Rate: 9/10

    Initial communication was a bit slow, but only because the shop was booked up.

  3. December 29th, 2009
    ruben lizardo Says:

    dear sally or to whom it may concern ruben l with american eagle wheel in the united states just wanted to say hello and if you can call me regarding wheels thanks for your tinm 1-(818) 899-4335

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