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11 Reviews for “Express Care Guam”
  1. December 10th, 2015
    Bon Bon Says:

    Do you offer electrolysis I
    Can you recommend a place that does ?

  2. August 22nd, 2014
    James Adkins Says:

    Dr. Jitka Lom rating 5 out of 5 stars. Express Care rating 5 out of stars.

  3. August 22nd, 2014
    Germaine L. Says:

    I recommend Dr. Jitka Lom at Express Care for laser hair removal and botox. Bye.

  4. August 21st, 2014
    Leng Bai Says:

    I have some work with Dr. Lom and other doctor Express Care in Agana Shopping Center. They do good job for laser hair removal. Also cheap.

  5. August 21st, 2014
    Juanita Says:

    Dr. Jitka Lom and Express Care is really good. No business can make “everyone” happy, so you may get some unhappy people like some that comment here. Overall, the service is great, fast, friendly, and its meant to be an urban-type get in and get out place. I recommend it.

  6. September 13th, 2013
    Liz Says:

    The place is a waste of time. Express is exactly right, you pay a lot of money to be seen, and you’re told something that you could of told yourself. Most of the time when you call in the evening they already stopped taking walk-ins because they only have one doctor available.

  7. January 20th, 2012
    BonBon Says:

    Do you offer electrolysis service? I am visiting Guam next week.

  8. November 21st, 2011
    Maria Says:

    I just want to know if you do service to take out warts and some dark spots, because i have lots of those in my face up to neck, and i want to know how much is your fee. Thank you.

  9. April 12th, 2010
    alex Says:

    I have a friend his 57 years old and his complaining about his skin problem, he said it get really itchy, leaves dark spot and his skin get numb. I just wanna find if you guys do free checkup, if not how much? I just wanna help.

  10. December 28th, 2009
    fatness Says:

    how much is it for a liposuction?

  11. June 23rd, 2009
    Bill Says:

    how much does it cost to remove a tattoo by laser?

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