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6 Reviews for “Sunny’s Total Image Salon Guam”
  1. May 11th, 2015
    Suzanne Says:

    Horrible salon service. A girl and I walked in at the same time for services and apparently there was only one staff member working? The others were just lounging, I suppose. Anyways, this lady rushed through the poor girl’s hair so that she could still have time to charge me for my appointment, then did a HORRIBLE job on my makeup and hair. It feels as if a 3 year old was just throwing powder (that was obviously three shades lighter than my skin tone) and cheap eyeshadow on my face. The updo was rushed as well, and she sneakily charged an extra $7 for “hair accessories” I could have bought at a dollar store. She even tried to overcharge me at the register!

    Wow. Worst salon experience EVER. Don’t go here unless you want to feel even uglier than when you walked in. Seriously.

  2. July 15th, 2013
    Lindy Says:

    Do you offer Keratin at your salon?

  3. January 20th, 2012
    BonBon Says:

    Can you let me know if you do electroloysis? Or where on the island they offer this service. Thank you so much!

  4. January 27th, 2011
    dianne Says:

    please email me at [email protected] I am from Palau that is also into hair salon and dayspa. Mrs. Kuartei gave me your buisness card and told me that you would want to come to Palau for trainings and marketing your products. I am very interested. If you are also interested pls email me … my concern are new trends in hair cutting etc..thanks

  5. December 31st, 2009
    pocahontas411 Says:

    Great salon. Everytime I walk in, I get quick service. I saw 3 gals get cuts and color and they looked great! I have enjoyed the manicure/pedicure services and the wax hair removal services. The brazilian wax service was professional, clean, and quick! Prices are a little higher at this salon. Overall great salon!

  6. September 26th, 2009
    Pocahontas Says:

    Just moved to the island and needed to beautify myself! Found Sunny’s!! Got a mani/pedi, they waxed legs & got a Brazillian, and got a touch up on my short hair cut. All the ladies there were awesome! They’ve been around for a long time and you can tell because customers were flowing in on this Saturday afternoon and they were accomodating! Will go back again…

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