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Condo in Quezon City

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6 Reviews for “Hair Town Guam”
  1. August 17th, 2014
    us navy sailor Says:

    I have never felt so discriminated against in my life. I got charged $100 for a $60 service and then they told me over the phone that Bri (the hairstylist) didn’t want to speak with me about the charges. (Their excuse is because the type of hair and how time consuming it was to do my hair) please keep this in mind all they did was straighten and cut my hair. No products no wash, nothing! All because I have African American hair!!!! Keep in mind of the ridicule and the comments I received while being one of the only women brave enough to enter their shop. To bad I can’t decide who I want to protect, based on color, as a United States sailor. #disrespect!!!!

  2. October 5th, 2013
    Duvzkie Says:

    I hate this place, been there 3 times thinking different lady will cut my hair different too but not this place. I never was happy for the result and never came back after I have tried 3 hair cuts. And talking about the rebond that I paid almost 200 dollars! looks like never been rebond the next day, I was so pissed off.

  3. June 25th, 2013
    Marie Says:

    The first time I went there for my girlfriend, I payed for her birthday to give her red highlights, with also black full dye and red tips all in one. I asked that, showed a picture & DEFINITELY wasn’t impressed. Seriously ? My girl had to re- dye her hair the next day to fully black again cause it looked that horrible. So upsetting ! ! ! ! !

    2nd time I went there I honestly have nothing against the place or ”all” the people there but my mom got a hairstyle a while ago and it pissed me the heck off. it was for her birthday and she wanted a little below the shoulders short, then her hair ended up being up half her neck . I WOULD NOT GO BACK & neither would my mom .

  4. December 5th, 2011
    CAPTAIN Says:

    What a great experience. Warm and charming staff. Maricel greeted me with a smile and engaging conversation as well as doing an excellent job on my hair cut overall very pleasant. I would recommend her as well as this shop to anyone needing a good haircut in Guam!!!

  5. December 31st, 2010
    Sarah Says:

    I LOVE Hairtown! It must be really really good because everytime i go there, its pretty much packed! The best person to go to and have your hair done by is Suzie. She is AMAZING! She’s so kind and friendly and makes sure your hair is the way you want it. I always go to her because she already knows what kind of hairstyles look good on me.

  6. November 9th, 2010
    siovahn Says:

    I have gone here 3 times and 2 out of 3 times left pissed off and the third time I left confused but at least my hair wasn’t all jacked up. I will not be giving them another shot.

    The first time my hair was cut WAY too short and very uneven. The second time I liked what the girl did but I didn’t understand anything that was going on. The third time was the worst experience I’ve ever had at a salon. I told the lady I wanted highlights/lowlights and showed her a pic of what I wanted which was a much more defined look and definitely not your regular highlighting job…well that is what she gave me. I didn’t want to look like every other chick & was pissed that they wanted me to pay $80 for something totally different than what I showed her. So I spoke to the manager and she talked to the lady who couldn’t speak English and she did my hair again. It turned out exactly the same. So 3 hours later and I’m livid. I showed the manager the pic of what I wanted and asked her if my hair looks like the pic and she said no because that girl’s hair is just dyed two different tones and that its not highlights…well I’m not the frickin hairstylist and maybe someone should have said that instead of just giving me what ever the heck they felt like doing to my hair. So I left with 3 hours down the drain, robbed of $80, and pretty much in tears because my hair looked exactly how I wanted it not to look. Thanks Hairtown!!

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