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11 Reviews for “Top Travel Guam”
  1. November 7th, 2014
    Emerson Q. Sison Says:

    I’m looking for the best and lowest rate from Korea to Guam. Leaving Nov 9 and Return on November 15, 2014.

  2. October 1st, 2013
    Alvin Says:

    Hi! Will there be any Promo Fares from Guam to Manila Next Year in March, Prefer to travel with United .

  3. September 12th, 2013
    grace Says:

    Hi! I’ve been calling your contact no. 647-6453…but can’t connect….Is United Airlines promo $312++ for guam to manila still available? Leaving Guam September 26 and return on September 30, 2013.

  4. August 18th, 2013
    Cathrina Says:

    Hi, I am inquiring about a price quote for about 20 people to Manila, Philippines from Guam?

  5. June 3rd, 2013
    Brian Says:

    Hafa Adai,
    I am looking for the best and lowest travel rate from Guam to Manila, Philippines. Leaving July 19, 2013 and return on July 26, 2013. This will be for 4 adults. I would prefer my flights to be in the morning or early afternoon. No evening flights please.

  6. January 19th, 2013
    ray ray Says:

    my name is raymond i need to speak to edith to get ticket back to frank cable a friend of mo

  7. September 17th, 2012
    bing Says:

    I am looking for travel for a roundtrip ticket from Guam to London englang. Leaving nov 3, 2012 and arriving back on dec 3 , 2012.. Thank you

  8. September 3rd, 2012
    Casierra Cruz Says:

    I am looking for travel quotes for a roundtrip ticket from Guam to Idaho. Leaving September 23, 2012 and arriving back on October 5, 2012. These are for two adults. Thank you

  9. May 21st, 2012
    kendroze Says:

    I need the air ticket asap.

  10. February 10th, 2011
    David Says:

    I found that the Edith, the lady who runs this business mislead me concerning a Visa for Vietnam. She acted as a middle person but ultimately I paid her the $55 and she told me what services I would receive. Those services never happened and I was left to obtain my own Visa at the immigration counter in the HCMC, Vietnam airport. When I return, I confronted her about my dissapointment. She became extremely defencive and blamed the error on a small Vietnam ran business who she is connected with. All in all, based on bad business and the way she handled the situation, I will never do business with Top Travel Guam; in addition, I will recommend that others take their business to other local travel agencies.

  11. January 4th, 2011
    Caroilne Says:

    plz help ,

    looking for a flight from GUM TO MAJ, departure on

    Jan.9 for 17 days, plz tell me the airfare previously,

    thanks for help

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